Sample Sales Letters - How Getting Samples of Profitable Sales Letters is crucial

Published: 24th May 2010
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Very few factors will enhance your copywriting talent as quickly and easily as gathering and studying sales letter samples.

Particularly if those sample sales letters are based on sales copy created by leading copywriters who've methodically tested every single part in the sales letter.

The reason is because top copywriters never count on guess work when it comes to crafting sales letters.

They trust in tested, proven and winning formulas that have been perfected over years into trustworthy selling sytems.

Just as in a face to face sales appointment, it's important to adhere to a specific structure and sequence while establishing the value of your goods and services.

You wouldn't reveal to a potential customer the cost of your product or service and ask for their money, before you introduce and demonstrate the worth of your product in a one on one sales meeting, but often when reading sales letter samples I notice marketers making that same mistake.

A old classic formula which I'm sure you are familiar with is A.I.D.A.

Attention: Grab your reader's attention.

Interest: Establish interest in your product or service.

Desire: Establish the desire for your solution.

Action: Tell your prospect to take immidiate action.

And while this is a good format to use, and all great sales letter samples will have this particular standard format, in today's copywriting environment AIDA is not enough.

Actually in the course of producing many top converting sales letters, and reading through several thousand winning sales letter samples, I've discovered 19 main ingredients common to nearly all profitable sales letters.

Using each one of these nineteen ingredients in place is vital to producing irresistible sales copy. Miss just 1 of these parts and your conversion rates will be affected.

However simply having these 19 pieces into place is not enough, much like using the AIDA formula you should also have all the elements in the correct order in order to lead people down the persuasive path you have written.

And so to help you understand these 19 crucial elements of profitable sales letter examples, I've recorded a detailed video you can view totally free where I take you step-by-step through all 19 essential elements.

I have even made a highly effective Sales Letter Outline Pdf file you may download that gives you samples from real sales letters. You can download the PDF once you view your free video tutorial.

So to get the 19 essential components of all successful sample sales letters, simply click on the link below and enjoy the free video.

Salesletter Sample Video!

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