Sales Letter Examples – Which Pieces to Put in a First-Class Salesletter

Published: 01st June 2010
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As you are crafting a sales letter, its usually beneficial to look for samples of various other profitable sales letters to utilize as ideas in your own sales copy.

Good copy typically consists of distinct logical structure or flow.

Whenever considering a sales letter example to figure out if it's a high quality one to emulate, you must ensure it has many of the following parts.

This isn't a whole checklist of all the components, for this (along with good examples for every part) go to the hyperlink at the bottom of the page to get a free copy of my Sales Letter Sample PDF.

Some top essentials typical to top selling sales letter examples are:


The aim of the headline is to Instantly capture your reader's undivided attention and get them to start reading the other areas of the sales copy.

You should not aim to sell from the headline. The headline is the "Advertisement for the Ad".


Your lead or opening is simply a brief sentence or paragraph, in which you move from the headline and deck copy into your rest of the letter.

There isn't a set in stone rule for creating this particular copy, nevertheless some basic strategies that work well good tend to be:

* Starting a story

* Presenting a question

* Offering a fast synopsis of what you are planning to say to them

* Identifying the chief trouble your product resolves

Agitate Problem/Build Rapport:

Every product or service is the resolution for a problem, therefore to effectively market the product you should help your visitors understand that you both Comprehend and also EMPATHIZE with their problem.

By simply showing them that you also once experienced the challenge, but today you've solved it, you develop trust and rapport with your visitors and help concentrate their own imagination on the issue. (And their desire to fix it.)


Your bullets will be the workhorses within your selling process. This is where you describe in detail all the distinct features and advantages of the product or service.

The main focus here should be on the benefits of the product. Tell them what each and every aspect essentially does for them and means to them.

Each bullet ought to concentrate on just one advantage of your product.


Testimonials (as well as case studies) can be the best ways to provide social proof as well as validate the promises you are making in your sales copy.

You should use as many testimonials as you possibly can throughout your sales letter.

The more facts you offer regarding the person leaving the testimonial, the more credible the testimonials are going to be.

Guarantee/Risk Reversal:

To maximize conversion rates you should shift as much of the associated risk within the purchase from the shoulders of your buyer onto your shoulders as the seller.

Therefore creating a solid guarantee is important if you wish to optimize conversions.


Not all products or services will need bonuses, however often they will help to improve response rates. A couple of points to be aware of when giving bonuses are... First, they have to be related to the main offer.

Next you need to ensure the actual bonuses that you are giving are of good enough level of quality that they could be offered as stand alone products.

Primary Call To Action:

How you structure your order area and main call to action area can have a substantial impact on the letters response rates.

In your order box area you should sum up the offer you have created, then confidently ask for the sale.


It is frequently reported that your PS is the 2nd most read element of any sales page. This is because a lot of visitors will read your headline then scroll down to the end of the page, before beginning to go through the main copy of your letter.

For this reason it really is essential to ensure you've got a good and engaging PS (or even a few) at the bottom.

My personal testing shows that when you intend to employ a PS, you need to use either 1 or three. For whatever reason, only two PS's appear to convert less normally as compared to one or three.

If a sales letter example you are considering features the majority of the elements above, then it is probably one worth making use of in your own writing.

However the areas in this article are only a small piece of the profitable components I have uncovered that happen to be common to almost all high converting sales letters.

To view a detailed video tutorial in which I take you step-by-step through all 19 components, crucial to a profitable sales letter, and also to get my free in depth 20 page Sample Sales Letter PDF, that features explanations of every one of the 19 elements, coupled with real samples from real sales letters, just click the link below.

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